Authentic American Jazz based in the Capital Region of Upstate New York. Providing professional and quality small-group jazz for all types of venues and events.

*Available as Standard Classic Duo (Piano/Vocal & Drums) or Trio (add Bass), and many other configurations*


For generations of Americans, jazz was the only kind of music. Its supple and nuanced sounds filled the rooms of every venue from the gilded halls of the great American theaters to the smoke-laden speakeasies that speckled the American countryside during Prohibition. Our people grooved and danced to it, our artists painted to it, our writers wrote to it, and our grandparents fell in love to it. Jazz was everything. Yet as the rhythms and melodies twisted over time, change occurred—as change always does. Tastes adapted to the newer form of blues and rock 'n' roll, and soon jazz was nothing but a genre of the past—forever relegated to the oldies stations and the music collections of its more dedicated fans.

Today, jazz is a rarity, especially in its purist live form. This condition is a result of its limited availability, and the higher prevalence of rock bands in most areas. We at T. L. Holloway seek to alleviate this issue. As students of the jazz classics, we seek to provide authentic American jazz to venues and events all over the Northeastern United States. Drawing from a large pool of experienced professional musicians, there are always groups available to provide our standard of authentic quality jazz when you need it.

If you seek the nostalgia of a different time, a time when the pace was a bit slower, the air was a bit cleaner, and everyone enjoyed a good time, give us a call and we will make it happen.


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—The folks at T. L. Holloway